About Those iPhone X Supply Chain Rumours

Mike Wuerthele wrote an article at AppleInsider about a KGI Securities research note regarding the iPhone X titled:

“If iPhone X demand is less than expected, analyst expects it to be ‘end of life’ when replacements ship”

The “internet” then decided that this meant the iPhone X would be cancelled due to weak sales.

My advice is to read Wuerthele’s article from bottom to top for a better understanding of what KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo is actually saying.

Here is my summary:

  • Analyst expects trio of iPhone models in 2018 with possible launch of iPhone X Plus.
  • Current iPhone X is unlikely to be retained in line-up once replaced.
  • Notch may be affecting impact in China.
  • Shipments of 18 million iPhone Xs expected in Q1.
  • No comment on holiday sales.
  • Analyst expects 10% iPhone growth in 2018.
  • Firm remains positive on the Apple and the iPhone supply chain.

Don’t believe the clickbait.