Watched in January


The Last Jedi

I enjoyed it! I felt some of the parts were greater than the whole, but will withhold further thoughts until the customary second viewing. That fight scene though! The sequences on the salt planet were also a highlight!


Amazing! Such an entertaining, emotional and enjoyable film! One of Pixar’s best to my mind. The film deals with some serious topics in a very mature and adult manner. Fun and adventurous. One of the most colourful and visually impressive films in ages.


An intense, visceral experience. There is very little dialogue and a lot of slowly building tension. There are no real heroes or villains. No real story or characters telling us how it is. Dunkirk just unfolds in front of you without reasons or conclusions. Highly recommended.


I love the idea for this film – a fantasy setting, in modern Los Angeles. Humans, orcs, elves and fairies. I even thought I saw a centaur in the background. I am surprised the concept has not been done on film before (to my knowledge). It is a cop-buddy movie. Think “Bad Boys Meets 16 Blocks in Middle Earth LA” (but not as fun). Smith and Edgerton keep it fun and the banter is entertaining and at times hilarious. The film is quite uneven though, and in the end, does not live up to the promise of the premise.



This is a great show! I started it in December, but only finished it this month. It builds slowly, and gripped me from the start. Think “Breaking Bad via The Big Short”. The comparison to Breaking Bad doesn’t end there though. Several of the episodes have those holy-shit, that escalated really quickly moments. I enjoyed the cinematography, and the acting is solid. I cannot wait for Season 2!


What the Health

A difficult documentary to watch as it cuts right to the heart at the centre of daily life and culture. Food. It reveals disturbing practices in the food industry and reminds us, that we cannot trust the big, corporate household brands we take for granted. This movie makes me think that the mass-market food industry is the “big tobacco” of this age. Corruption, legal/governmental/legislative skullduggery and prioritising profits before people by any means. In many ways, these companies are worse than big tobacco because they are mistreating animals, misinforming and actively harming humans on a scale tobacco companies could only dream of. All the while pretending to be your best friend. Scary.