News to Remember (Or possibly forget)

A brief rundown of some of the (mostly tech) news over the past week or so:

Apple Root Login Bug

“Anyone can login as “root” with empty password after clicking on login button several times.”

It really does take courage to release an OS that lets you login as root user without a password.

Hopefully Apple have added a test case for this.

Another Report About Uber Allegedly Doing Shady Shit

“Uber allegedly paid hackers a $100,000 ransom to delete the data and not disclose what had happened to the media and public.”

As if Dara Khosrowshahi wanted another topping on the shit-sandwich Travis Kalanick left for him.

A suggestion for any CEO anywhere: If you fuck up, own up to it and be done with it. Someone always finds your dirty laundry, no matter where you put it.

Yahoo Must Pay Mozilla $375 million even if Mozilla doesn’t use Yahoo Search 

“According to the change-of-control term, 9.1 in the agreement, Mozilla had the right to leave the partnership if — under its sole discretion and in a certain time period — it did not deem the new partner acceptable. And if it did that, even if it struck another search deal, Yahoo was still obligated to pay out annual revenue guarantees of $375 million.”

What was Marissa Mayer thinking?

Considering Yahoo has been doing so well in 2017 2000 one could be forgiven for thinking a change-of-control scenario was not in the realm of possibility.

And if you are from Mozilla, buy the person who got this deal through a drink!

AlphaZero Beats The World Chess

“Oh, and it took AlphaZero only four hours to “learn” chess. Sorry humans, you had a good run.”

If AlphaGo/Zero is a toddler and has beaten Go and Chess. What will it achieve by the time it turns 18?

On that note: I don’t think teaching it to play StarCraft is a very good idea…

Amazon Prime Video Now Available On Apple TV

“With the addition of Prime Video, Siri can now search 1.3 million TV episodes and movies on Apple TV.”

I haven’t even finished the previous season of The Walking Dead yet…

And in local news:

Steinhoff Skeletons Emerge

“The directors are confidant that they will be able to defend these actions successfully and that the potential impact on the group will not be material.”

As it turns out the actual impact was losing R282 billion (+- $20,5 billion) in market value in a week. Some might consider that to be material.