Pre-WWDC 2018 Thoughts

Just some quickfire thoughts before WWDC gets on the go. Broadly, I think (or is that hope?) some big themes will be:

  • Tucked or untucked?
  • Big Siri improvements and announcements. (Will we see the new Siri chief?)
  • Widespread improvements and announcements for AR, Machine Learning and photo/video features (paving the way for new iPhones coming out later this year).
  • Dejarik” AR demo – please! (The space chess game from Star Wars)
  • Increased security and encryption. As well as increased privacy controls and awareness (Trump/FBI and China proofing).
  • Increased and improved Health features.
  • Will iTunes finally be split into multiple apps?
  • New apps and services to bolster the burgeoning “Apple Services” narrative.
  • Increased iCloud storage tiers and options (iCloud TimeMachine anyone?).
  • Improved/re-designed Mac App Store (not expecting Mac Pro updates just yet…)
  • Apple TV news to lay foundations for whatever streaming plans Apple has.
  • Apple TV games announcements?
  • Incremental improvements for Apple Maps.
  • Any mentions of this possible MacOS/iOS platform unification?
  • HomePod love? (Now that AirPlay 2 and audio-pairing just got released – what next for HomePod)
  • Fruits of the Workflow and Shazaam acquisitions?
  • China, China, and more China.
  • More diversity on stage.
  • Everything faster and more battery efficient. (So that products later this year are as thin or thinner than ever).
  • Extra points for every mention of security, privacy, machine learning, AR.

These are all wild guesses. As always, it will be exciting to see what is coming down the Apple pipes!